Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Action Days!

So, these past several weeks since I last posted have been rife with tumult.
I feel like I'd be amiss if I didn't mention the fact that Bekah did not, in fact, make it. She was a beautiful girl, and you can learn more about her from her myspace page. She's missed by everyone she knew.
After that, I was booted from school, which was providing me with many feelings of self-worth and accomplishment.
On the brighter side, for me anyway, my brother came here to visit for, like, a day, and my dad borrowed his car for, like, a day, and then took it to the shop. It has remained at the shop for the past 7 weeks. Alas, this means that he hasn't had what potential employers refer to as "reliable transportation" for the majority of those weeks. He was recently issued a company vehicle, courtesy of Readdick Sheet Metal Works, by whom he is not currently employed. He is not currently employed,

and is looking forward to spending some of his post-matriculatory weeks to months residing in Asheville, NC. As to why this is, I have no idea. But, it should be fun!
I have become a part-time barista, in the meantime of my exile from the arena of technical academe.
I have been thinking constantly about creating some sort of appeal to my expulsion, but I haven't done anything about it yet. I think I'm on the upswing, though; I really do! Ugh. I hate to be about to be doing something. I should just do it.
I have to say, this isn't the most uplifting TL:DR I've ever written.
But what am I doing writing this blog, anyway, that nobody ever reads? You want me to tell you all good things, for some reason? Rent a cartoon, if that's the case, and call me Strawberry Shortcake.
And speaking of cake, today is my dad's birthday, and also my friend Meggan's! Meggs is 30 today! Wow! Dad is 39 again! Sweet!

There are a lot of birthdays right around now. My friend Mark told me that it's because we were conceived on New Year's Eve! So, that's exciting. I feel like my thinking about such philosophical concepts as, say, astrology, have become slightly more sophisticated of late. (What the hell does that even mean? You'll have to ask me personally if you're at all interested, because I'm not going into it here.)
I'm going into this here:

That's a picture of me, swinging through the air on a flying trapeze. (More pictures on my picasa page.) My friend Chad took a few of us girls out on the ropes course on my birthday (29), and it was super-fun.
The day before the ropes course happened, Dad took me to an awesome Jags game, where I got this sweet-ass girl-version of a jersey, ate an embarrassingly large hot dog, and saw the Jags whip up on relatively long-time rivals, the Houston Texans! (Who even knew there was such a team?) One guy had on a shirt that said, "Houston: We Are Your Problem." It was so cool! Dad got a cool shirt, too. We had a ton of fun, and my only regret is that I didn't bring my camera.

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Charlie G said...

Don't worry... some people read this.
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Things will get better, I promise. You just have to jump back on the bull when you fall off the horns... or how ever the saying goes. Remember I love you.